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Handmade Soap

Welcome to White Rock Naturals, your source of handmade olive oil bar soap.  When it comes to bathing, nothing compares to the silky smooth feel of nature’s wonder oil gliding over your skin with a deep cleansing, moisturizing lather.  Pure olive oil is rich in vitamin E, a natural protector of the skin, and in handmade soap the olive oil penetrates far into the pores, thoroughly and wonderfully cleansing in a way that leaves you feeling refreshed and reinvigorated.

Please scroll down to learn more about the wonders of our handmade olive oil soap, or visit our Products page for a close up glimpse at each ‘flavor’ we offer.  And then, when you’re ready to make a purchase, you’ll be directed momentarily to our PayPal site for the ultimate in secure, online shopping.

“White Rock Naturals Handmade soap is so pure and invigorating.  Experience it!  Life is Good!” Harriet - Goodhue, MN

“I love White Rock Naturals. The Soap leaves my skin clean and smooth. I highly recommended it!” Madie – Apple Valley, MN
Simple Ingredients
Each White Rock Naturals bar is expertly crafted with just a few ingredients, including pure olive oil.  All natural palm and coconut oils, along with a touch of almond oil, combine with the olive oil base to create soap that yields a terrific, silky smooth lather.  We even add a touch of real silk to the mix, just to put an exclamation point on our claim to smoothness.  The result is … well … Heavenly.  And hints of various essential and fragrance oils add the perfect balance of aromas to each bar for a refreshing, escape-the-busy-world-for-just-a-moment bathing experience.  Compare our simple ingredients to factory-made soap, otherwise known as synthetic detergents, and we think you’ll understand why so many people are turning to natural products as a way of momentarily escaping our chemical-laden world.

Long Lasting
White Rock Naturals uses the cold process method for making soap, which produces bars that seem to last forever.  And no wonder!  It takes six weeks from the initial pour to final packaging, a time during which the oils harden and saponify (turn into soap), becoming the very product that our customers crave.  One handmade batch yields only 12 individual 5-ounce* soaps.  In other words,  White Rock Naturals is a labor of love from which only good things can result.

“A natural clean that does not dry out your skin... wonderful scents... and big bars that are long lasting!” Peggy - Goodhue, MN

[*The weight is approximate.  Because each bar is hand carved we cannot get it to precisely 5-ounces every time!  But don’t worry, when you hold a bar in your hand you’ll feel its heft, and the soap will seem to go on, and on, and on … ]

Earth Friendly
The love and care we put into our product extends beyond providing you with a wonderfully luxurious bathing experience.  We are also concerned about our impact on the environment, and so we strive to use earth-friendly packaging materials and to minimize energy use in the making of our soaps.  In fact, most of the energy comes from pure elbow grease - these are handmade after all.  The packaging is simplistic yet stylish, using natural raffia and recyclable (#2) polypropylene bags.  (The perforated bag preserves the soap’s refreshing scent while allowing it to breathe.)  Soap labels come from hand cut paper supplied by a small Minnesota business.  Of course, the paper is 100% recyclable.

Give the Gift of Nature    
Our simplistic, stylish packaging alone makes White Rock Naturals a great gift idea.  But it’s what’s inside the packaging that will have your friend or loved one raving about how wonderful and thoughtful you are.  And they’ll be correct, because you introduced them to a whole new healthy sensation in bathing.

So what are you waiting for?  Visit our Products page, and give the gift of nature!


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